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10 Common Errors Home Owners Make When Filing Taxes

Article From By: G. M. Filisko Don’t rouse the IRS or pay more taxes than necessary–know the score on each home tax deduction and credit. As you calculate your tax returns (, consider each home tax deduction and credit you are-and are not-entitled to. Running afoul of any of these 10 home-related tax mistakes-which […]

Ten Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Check out these simple ideas you can choose from to help you and your family get up and get involved! Tips are from the The Home Warranty of America Green Team 1. Re-usable Bags Utilize reusable bags for all of your shopping 2. Plant a tree, shrub or other plants This is certainly a popular […]

Appeal Your Property Tax Bill

By: Barbara Eisner Bayer To successfully appeal your property tax bill, you first need to do a bit of sleuthing into your real estate assessment. Owning a home is an expensive proposition. There’s maintenance, landscaping, utilities, renovations, and, of course, taxes. It’s your civic duty to pay the latter, but it’s also your right not […]

Wells Fargo Offering Some No Cost Refinances

If you have an existing mortgage with Wells Fargo, this may be the time to refinance. They are offering to permanently lower interest rates on existing CONVENTIONAL loans at No Cost to the borrower. What is even better, is that they aren’t requiring any documentation. You simply need your loan number to see if you […]

Hope Now for Homeowners

If you are scared of losing your Wichita home, try not to worry. The truth is you are not alone and there is someone out there who is willing to help you. I am not talking about the President’s plan, either. I am talking about an organization of mortgage companies, investors, and counselors called Hope […]