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Household Spending, How Wichita Compares lets visitors compare household spending in their part of the country with the national average.  Wichitan’s actually spend more than the national average on dining out, groceries and travel but less on entertainment and gas in their vehicles. Click here to see the specifics of the study.

Wichita Housing Market is Looking Good

Wichita State University’s Center for Real Estate released their 2010 Kansas Housing Market Forecast yesterday. Here are the highlights: employment will continue to go down through the first quarter of 2010, then will recover slowly the Mortgage Bankers Association predicts that interest rates will continue to be low through 2011 by then end of 2011, […]

Hope Now for Homeowners

If you are scared of losing your Wichita home, try not to worry. The truth is you are not alone and there is someone out there who is willing to help you. I am not talking about the President’s plan, either. I am talking about an organization of mortgage companies, investors, and counselors called Hope […]

Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan Explained

President Obama and his team have been working aggressively to address the recent economic turmoil that the whole nation is embroiled in. One of the ways with which his administration is dealing with the crisis is by addressing the foreclosure troubles that many homeowners in the country are facing. Early this year, President Obama revealed […]

U-Haul Releases Top Destinations in 2008

U-Haul is an all-American company that specializes in DIY moving. U-Haul is the mover of choice of many people who want to move their stuff themselves. Every year, the company releases a list of what they call a “national migration trend report.” The report is a result of the analysis of more than 1 million […]

What makes a good Realtor?

There are a lot of real estate agents out there and finding the right one can be hard! As with any business, a strong relationship is important. But how does this relationship become established? Really, the same way that any other relationship becomes established – good human qualities with professional skill thrown in. The top […]

Simple Tips for Staging Your Home

Getting your house ready to sell can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just keep in mind that you’re wanting potential buyers to be able to see their own family and possessions in your home. In order to do that, your home must have more “blank areas” than usual to allow buyers to […]