When it comes to selling a home fixing some of the minor problems will usually help your Wichita house sell quicker, and possibly for more money. It is best to make these improvements before you put your Kansas home on the market. Here is a list of items that you may want to refer to when getting your home ready to sell:

Replace any cracked tiles

Repair any holes in walls

Fix leaky faucets

Make sure doors close properly and that they lock

Paint walls a neutral color

Put new light bulbs in every room

Clean the home thoroughly

Take a pressure washer to the siding and sidewalks

Replace any worn carpet

Make the house smell as good as possible

Plant flowers

Mow the grass

Scrape and re-paint any cracked paint

Cut and trim bushes

Many times buyers don’t want to make a lot of improvements after they purchase a home. Often times buyers will narrow their new home possibilities down to a few houses, these improvements could make yours the one they choose. It may be worth spending a little money on improvements instead of taking a low offer or making more house payments because your home sits on the market longer.

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